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Find out in 9 seconds who is not using the elevator correctly!

If you think you are very smart then it is time to prove it to everyone and yourself. You can use some Visual tests found on the Internet, including here on the site.

This is very useful for your personal development, as it is a way to keep your brain active, as well as create fun games with your friends. That’s why we brought you a very interesting and interesting puzzle for those who enjoy challenges.

All you need to find out is who can’t use the elevator properly. And to make it even more challenging and make everything more exciting, you’ll have to do it in just 9 seconds!

Do you think you can? So get ready to put your mind to thinking.

Who cannot use the elevator?

Photo: Brightside.com

The advice to find out as soon as possible is: watch carefully. The game is on and all you have to do is keep your eyes open and find anyone who doesn’t know how to use the elevator the right way.

Meanwhile, time is running out. So watch carefully and do it as quickly as possible, and don’t let the timer reset. Don’t give up now, you can do it!

Tic Tac. Time is running out and you are still looking for details that will help you? So watch carefully, don’t miss anything.

Oops, the timer has been reset. what a shame. But no problem. We will now tell you the hidden details.


Here is the result: the person who cannot use the elevator correctly is Allen. This is because, if you notice, he wants to go up, but the elevator indicator shows that he is going down.

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That is, Allen would like to go up, but his elevator is going down. So he must have done something wrong and failed to use the equipment properly.

Did you notice these details? If so, congratulations, you have a robotic eye. If you can’t find it, don’t worry, you can practice with the other challenges right here on the site.