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Find out if cameras on Airbnb are spying on you

Find out if cameras on Airbnb are spying on you

Of course, Airbnb hosts have every reason to install cameras in the homes they rent to strangers. However, these cameras are only allowed to be used outdoors and in rooms or public areas, not in bathrooms or anywhere Guests Can sleep, including in rooms with a rollaway bed.

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Starting in early 2018, hosts must disclose if they have cameras on their property, and guests will receive a pop-up letting them know where they are and where they are being directed. To protect your privacy from malicious people, find out with our tips how to find cameras in your rental property.

Learn how to locate spy cameras

Larger cameras are easier to spot, but smaller cameras can easily be hidden by someone behind furniture, ventilation, or vanity. A simple way to spot most types of cameras is to look for lens flare.

For infrared cameras, turn off the lights, close the curtains (the room should be dark), turn on the flashlight and camera phone, and point them where you think the cameras might be hiding. If there are cameras in the room, you will notice a pulsating dot on your cell phone screen.

It is possible to use a radio frequency detector, this smart tool can capture wireless cameras that you may not see. Unfortunately, RF detectors don’t work for wired cameras or that only record and don’t stream. In these cases, you’ll need to stick to the lens reversal method.

What do you do when you find a camera?

If you discover an indoor security camera that has not been disclosed to you, call the police. Tell them that you have direct evidence that your landlord is spying on you inside your rental home without your knowledge or permission.

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Be sure to document police activity with videos and photos on your smartphone. If you are sharing the trip, ask your companions to be witnesses as soon as the police arrive. You should also contact Airbnb as soon as you get your police report. Don’t forget to report!