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Find out how to request a refund at BB, Caixa, Santander, and Itaú

According to cybersecurity firm Psafe, more than 44 million digital swipe attempts were logged in 2021. In an effort to help affected users, Pix’s bounce-back mechanism was released in November of this year.

With the approaching festive season, such scams are becoming commonplace. Within five days, Psafe logged over 38,000 suspicious links and identified several fake profiles with more than 500,000 followers applying Cards and Pix scams.

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despite of Banks After making changes to make transactions with Pix more secure, hundreds of people are still victims of scams every day. When this happens, the bank that made the payment is responsible for analyzing the process and returning the money.

How to request refunds in cases of fraud in each bank

Bank of Brazil

If you have made a payment at BB, then the client can appeal through the order of the institution. The amount can be partially or fully refunded and it depends on the balance of the account that received the funds. Banco do Brasil does not issue a refund in case of incorrect transactions.

Federal Savings Bank

In cases of fraud on Caixa accounts, the customer must respond directly to the branch. After the request, the bank will look for signs of fraud and, if confirmed, Caixa Econômica will return the amount to the receiving institution.

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At Santander, the return process is entirely digital. The analysis is quick, as is the temporary suspension of service and the refund included. The customer can also order the mechanism by calling 4004-3535. The banking institution is not responsible for erroneous transfers or commercial disputes.


When checking for errors or fraud on Pix, an Itaú customer should contact the bank as soon as possible, digitally or in person, to request a return. The process depends on the assessment done by the institution and the available balance in the preferred account. In addition, Itaú recommends that the customer make a BO so that the federal authorities can take the necessary action.

Since the Pix returns tool is new, the central bank has reported that the numbers of returns already made are not yet available. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention when making transactions, especially those of high value.

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