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Find out how to issue up to R$5,000 credit at Nubank: step by step

Nubank is a digital bank that was created in 2013 and is already one of the major financial institutions in the country. This is because fintech, an emerging financial company operating in the digital field, has millions of customers spread all over Brazil. The ease and speed of opening a bank account are major attractions for customers.

Furthermore, Nubank has a diversified investment portfolio, with options for all types of investors. Finally, a fintech line of credit is also attractive. There is the possibility of applying for personal loans, as well as applying for a credit card.

Now, Nubank has announced another novelty. Your customers will be able to get a limit of up to R$5,000 on their credit cards. Continue reading this article to learn how to request a card limit increase.

Nubank creates a credit request tool – Credit:jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Nubank announces a higher credit card limit: Learn how to apply

Many Brazilians may need a credit card to achieve their goals. The fact is that it helps those who need to buy. After all, a person only pays later, plus he can pay in installments. But in order to be able to use the method, it is important to have a high threshold. Because of this, we are going to give you some tips on how to get an increase in your Nubank Card limit.

First, it is important to know that when you request a limit increase, Nubank will analyze your name. That is, it will check your financial behavior. If you are a good payer, the direction is for the bank to accept your application.

Therefore, the first tip is to pay your credit card bill on time. Avoid being late. In addition to fines and interest, it can tarnish your image. Second, use your card for whatever you can. This way, Nubank will understand that you need a higher limit.

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Then use other Nubank products, such as investments, for example. Practice can improve your relationship with the bank. Finally, pay attention to whether you can really afford an upper limit.

In many cases, if people fail to follow these tips, it may mean that it is not the right time to ask for a higher credit card limit. After all, you may have problems paying off and building up debt in the future and even get a dirty name.

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How to request a credit card limit increase

Once all tips are followed, there is a greater chance that Nubank will increase the limit. The Bank has created a tool to facilitate this request. Just login to your application. Then find the “Credit Card” option. Then select “Credit Reserve”. This option can grant credit of up to R$5,000 to bank customers.

The tool is new. However, the customer undergoes a credit analysis before the amount is granted. Therefore, he can’t have outstanding issues with Nubank.

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