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Find out how to get up to R$15,000

Find out how to get up to R$15,000

In this sense, those who have the right to use it can invest in equipment, goods and even inputs. In addition, the credit card can still be used at any establishment that accepts the Visa flag.

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Details about the card

Furthermore, it is important to point out that, according to information from Neon, there is no annual fee or monthly fee on the MEI Fácil Card that exceeds the limit used. In addition, the company also provides it in a digital version, in order to ensure greater security and ease of purchase over the Internet.

That is, to download the Neon app, you can choose the Android or iOS version depending on your smartphone model. After that, you just need to fill in your details and wait for the bank to return.

Finally, another important Neon account feature for MEI is that you also get access to your CNPJ and DAS payment guide and even instructions for declaring annual income. So, download the app and become a customer at: https://bityli.com/fD5Fe.

How much does the bill cost?

Opening and maintenance 0.00 Brazilian Real
Invoice slips have been issued 0.00 Brazilian Real
Paid collection vouchers 0.00 Brazilian Real
Issuance of abstracts 0.00 Brazilian Real
Pay bills and taxes 0.00 Brazilian Real
Transfer between MEI Fácil or Neon accounts 0.00 Brazilian Real
Transfer TED to other banks 0.00 Brazilian Real
Card monthly fee 0.00 Brazilian Real
Withdrawals (1 free per month) 6.90 Brazilian reals
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To be aware, Neon is a Brazilian financial technology company founded in 2016 and authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil, which operates in methods of issuing electronic money and issuing post-paid instruments. Moreover, Neon offers Visa-branded debit and credit cards in partnership with Banco Votorantim.

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