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Find out how to consult and how to increase your score

Find out how to consult and how to increase your score

It is not news for anyone to get his release creditget a loan or a Finance A significantly high score is necessary, according to the levels prescribed by banks and financial institutions.

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Recognizing this outcome is important, so that businesses and corporations can certify whether you are, in fact, a good payer and, in the case of banks, if you are able to afford the balances issued.

In addition, the higher the degree of a citizen, the greater the chances of him obtaining a loan or financing.

For those who don’t know, points can range from 0 to 1,000 points, and according to Serasa, consumers with up to 300 points have high engagement rates. However, if the score is above 700 points, the risk of default is considered low, and the individual is considered a good payer.

Regarding the degree, a different factor is taken for each citizen, and questions can be asked, such as: bills paid on time, history of negative debts, financial relationship with companies, updated registration data, among many others.

How can I check my score?

To consult the result is simple, a citizen can access sera, and click on the “Consult Result” option. After that, he must inform his CPF number, however, in the event that he is the first to arrive, he must make a quick registration.

Consultation with the result is important, after all, from there citizen You will be able to keep track of your financial situation, the higher your score, the higher your chances of getting a loan or issuing credit.

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How to increase the score?

In addition to financial control, there are some tips that can make people able to increase their score, so that they have a greater chance of issuing credits in banks and other financial institutions. Check out some of these tips:

Debt renegotiation

The most important step for you to improve your financial situation and increase your score is paying off your debts. In addition, through Serasa Limpa Nomes, you can also make agreements and negotiations regarding your debts.

Be motivated today

Always pay your bills on time, if you prefer, put it on Debit automatic. In addition to being a means of ensuring payment, it is advice so you don’t suffer from a bad name.

Update your information in Serasa

Always keep the data up to date on sera It is also a way to always keep your financial situation in good shape. Also, the more accurate your information is, the more you will be able to see.

Consciously ask for credit

Finally, the last tip for you to get a raise in your score is to ask for credit consciously, that is, the less credit you ask, the less your position demands, the less bad you are. motivation.