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Filvio Bolsonaro calls Tite a "hypocrite" and a "squid kisser" - Politics

Filvio Bolsonaro calls Tite a “hypocrite” and a “squid kisser” – Politics

“The CBF has asked President Bolsonaro to authorize this to happen here in Brazil in order for Tite to take a political position,” said Filio Bolsonaro in a video on Sunday (6/6). (Photo: clones / social networks)

Senator Filvio Bolsonaro (Patriota – RJ), Sunday (6/5), said the coach Titi “The hypocrite” and “the fool” Lola“.

The reviews were made in Video The congressman posted it on social networks, where he claims that he has players from the Brazilian national team to avoid boycotting the Copa America.

In the recording, the president’s son “01” argues that the debate over holding the Copa America in Brazil amid the COVID-19 pandemic is not healthy. According to Flvio, the real driver of the controversy will be the feud between TV Globo and SBT, in which broadcaster Slvio Santos obtained the broadcast rights to the tournament.

The politician also argued that America’s Cup “It would be entirely possible to do it here, as we have already vaccinated more than 70 million Brazilians.”

The information differs from that provided by the Ministry of Health. According to the folder, as of Sunday, 4,873,4903 had received the first dose of the vaccine against COVID-19. Less than half of this group received the second dose, ie: 22896108 Br.

Finally, the senator claims that the country’s health system has “well supported” the demands of the pandemic. However, in its latest publication, published on Friday (June 4), the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) warned that the country’s service network is overburdened with poor response capacity, with 20 Brazilian states already more than 80% of the audience. The intensive care beds in COVID are busy. In three capitals, capacity already exceeded 100% on Saturday (6/6).

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“We didn’t see Tite say anything when the Copa America was going to take place in Argentina. All that was needed was for the Brazilian Confederation to ask President Bolsonaro for permission for that to happen here in Brazil, so that Tite could take a political stand,” Felvio Bolsonaro criticized.