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Filtering in Magalu generates agglomeration and battles

Filtering in Magalu generates agglomeration and battles

Luciana Cavalcante

Cooperation with UOL, from São Paulo

01/08/2022 19h34update in 01/08/2022 20h07

In the midst of Influenza cases increase and Omicron type rise in BrazilThe sale at Magazine Luiza’s supermarket chain caused conglomerate and customer battles to squabble over products in Barra.

The case was registered on Saturday morning (8) in the municipality of Bragança, northeast of the state. A video showing the confusion inside the store went viral on social media.

In the photos, a group of consumers shows the disputed products, including pressure cookers. The woman even asks for help when she is suffocated by other customers.

The promotion that attracted consumers is part of the “Fantastic Sale”, when Magalu returned to welcome customers in 1,400 physical stores, after the Covid-19 vaccination progressed.

It is the first sale of the year to burn off the remaining inventory in 2021, which offered Items with discounts up to 80%, whether in the app or in physical stores.


Luisa magazine confirmed the case and issued a note stating that the situation in the store in Pará was an exception and that the staff were able to get around it in a few minutes.

The company also indicated that it had adopted all preventive measures, such as requiring a mask and distributing alcohol gel on the doors of all stores, which controlled the number of customers strictly to avoid crowding.

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