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File Manager receives an update for Windows 11

files, a files manager An open source program that serves as a replacement for the official Microsoft File Explorer, announced a major update on Monday (4). The new version of the software has gained unprecedented features and design Inspired by Windows 11.

According to file developer Yair Aichenbaum, one of the highlights of the update is the new column layout, which makes it possible to open multiple levels of the folder hierarchy at the same time. The new way to display the column provides a broader view of the current directory.

New column view of files v2.0.Source: Files / Disclosure

Marking folders and files is another new feature in this new version of Explorer. With them, the user can better organize everything that is stored on his device, without being bound by the official organization of the file system, and has quick access to what he is looking for.

The user now has several options to customize the program.The user now has several options to customize the program.Source: Files / Disclosure

The manager has also got support for using custom themes, which gives you the opportunity to choose the desired theme for the app, like a dark tone, for example. Customization options are available in the program settings.

Performance improvements

Overlays files on top of other windows, making it easier to do a quick search, and FTP support are other important additions. Also worth noting is grouping files by type, date, size, and new security options to determine who can access your documents.

The update also brought improvements to existing functionality. According to Aichenbaum, improvements have been made in features such as the preview panel, context menu, file transfers, and search speed, among other tools.

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Files v2.0 is free and available for download at Microsoft Store. In addition to running on the new generation of the operating system, it is also compatible with Windows 10.