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Resultado da Quina 5700

Figures drawn today Monday (11/08)

At 8:02 p.m. (Brazilian time), the draw for the result of the Quina Contest 5700 was held on Monday, November 8. The player who matches the five numbers can win the jackpot, which is estimated at R$3.3 million.

Quina 5700 . results

Check out the numbers plotted in today’s Quina result: 08-32-40-49-55.

Quina . Award Winners

Photo: newsbox / reproduction

According to information provided by Caixa, Quina has four prize teams, and the highest prize goes to those who manage to get the five dozen right. For each domain, percentages of the amount allocated to the prizes are assigned, therefore, the final value is determined after distribution among the winners.

How do you get the Quina 5700 award?

At Caixa branches of the two settings for the total or partial result of the Quina 5700, you can refund any amount. However, if the prize is up to R$1,903.98, the winners can also withdraw from the lottery round.

Players who have registered games on Caixa Lotteries and won a prize, can transfer the amount to their Mercado Pago account. The lucky ones have a period of 90 calendar days to request the award, after which period funds will be transferred to the Student Funding Fund in Higher Education (FIES).

Prizes of R$10,000 or more are deposited within at least two business days of ticket submission.

When are the kwena drawings made?

The Quina draws take place Monday through Saturday from 8pm (Brazilian time) and are broadcast live on Caixa social networks. Lucky globes are located in Espaço Loterias Caixa, at Tietê Bus Station, in São Paulo.

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