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FIFA rejects Chile's appeal and confirms Ecuador in the 2022 World Cup

FIFA rejects Chile’s appeal and confirms Ecuador in the 2022 World Cup

FIFA ruled that player Byron Castillo did not act irregularly and confirmed Ecuador’s national team in the Qatar Cup

a Ecuador Confirmed in World Cup 2022!

The FIFA Appeal Committee announced on Friday (16) that it rejected the appeal of the selection of Chile He confirmed that the Ecuadoreans will compete in the World Cup in Qatar.

The Chileans have applied for disqualification from the South American team due to the side’s alleged erratic performance Byron Castillo during the playoffs.

according to redCastillo is Colombian by birth and was going to play for the tricolor team using a forged passport.

However, FIFA found in its investigation that there were no wrongdoing.

“Among other considerations, based on the documents analyzed, the player can be considered a permanent holder of Ecuadorean citizenship,” the World Football Board wrote.

With this, the opening of the 2022 Cup between Qatar and Ecuador continues on November 20.

The president of the Ecuadorean Football Federation, Frensco Egas, celebrated in his social networks the final outcome of the trial.

“In silence, we continue to defend what we have won on the field!” , He said.

Now, Chile has only one more possibility of appeal: going to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, which is the world’s last example of sporting justice.