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FIFA laboratory delay and testing at Allianz Stadium postponed

FIFA laboratory delay and testing at Allianz Stadium postponed

Inspection conducted by a laboratory accredited by FIFA Allianz parquetWhat It was scheduled to be held this Tuesday morning (26)had to be postponed.

According to the espnThe team that would conduct the tests was expected to arrive in Sao Paulo last Monday evening (25). However, there was a delay, and the landing did not take place until Tuesday.

Therefore, the procedure was postponed until next Wednesday (27).

It will happen yet Palm trees Conduct training before the semi-finals Paulista Championshipagainst NovorizontinoThursday night (28).

It is worth noting that Verdau will train at the Allianz Parque, and not at the Football Academy, so that the athletes can come into contact with the renovated artificial turf, on which cork imported from Europe has been applied.

Obtaining approval from an accredited laboratory from football's highest governing body is mandatory so that the stadium can be used in international competitions, e.g Conmebol Libertadores.

As for Bolestão, the turf has already been inspected by the São Paulo Football Federation and released for use in the state.

FIFA's previous four tests (2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023) were conducted on artificial turf still using a thermoplastic compound, with the entity giving its approval at every opportunity.

However, at the turn of the year, the plastic ended up melting due to the heat and pollution in São Paulo, turning into a slime that stuck to athletes' shoes.

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As a result, the decision was made to remove the compound and replace it with cork, which is a natural product and does not dissolve.

In the testing carried out by FIFA-accredited laboratories, factors such as ball roll and pitch leveling, among others, are analysed.

Once it receives approval from football's highest governing body, Palmeiras will be able to nominate Allianz as the stadium for Libertadores matches.

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