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FIES can still be renegotiated; see how

Students who have debts at FIES can still participate in the renegotiation of the amounts due and their names removed from the SPC and Serasa.

students with Debt in FIES They can still participate in the renegotiation of the amounts owed and have their name taken out SPC and Serasa.

In order for the renegotiation procedure to be easy and fast for students, Federal Savings Bank Last month, it launched an app called FIES CAIXA. According to government information, it is expected that the names of about 1.2 million students and graduates could be filtered again.

Renegotiation of FIES 2022 debt

As already mentioned, through the app cash atomizersStudents and alumni will be able to renegotiate late payments. data cashier The following case was recorded today:

  • 87% of students and alumni chose FIES payments;
  • 13% of beneficiaries chose to renegotiate the outstanding balance.
  • Since the publication of Interim Measure 1090 on December 30, 2021, 136,000 contracts have already been renegotiated.
  • To date, R$3.7 billion has been awarded in the form of a rebate;
  • Currently, the average value of each overdue contract is R$38 thousand.

Up to 99% off FIES debt

According to government information, student discounts are given as follows:

  • 99% deduction of the debt amount – For students and alumni who are registered with CadÚnico, or who have received emergency aid during the period of their studies. However, in this case, it is necessary that the delay in the contract with FIES exceed 5 years and the rest can be paid in 15 installments;
  • 92% deduction of the debt amount – for students and former students registered in CadÚnico and who received emergency aid in 2021. In this case, the installment delay must be less than 5 years and the remaining debt can be repaid in 15 installments;
  • 77% deduction of the debt amount In this case, students and former students may pay the remaining balance in 15 installments.
  • 12% deduction of the debt amount – For students and alumni with FIES contracts between 3 and 12 months late.
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a Request cash atomizers Available for Android and iOS platforms. The government expects to serve more than 1.85 million students and former students, who have active debt with FIES.

It is important to note that the application will be available until the deadline for renegotiation, which is December 31, 2022. Through the application, a student can:

  • Consult the contract with FIES, as well as check the main data reported;
  • Check if the contract qualifies for renegotiation;
  • conducting simulations of joining the renegotiation, according to the financial possibilities of the student or former student;
  • Generate payment vouchers.

See what success is on the Internet: