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Fies begins renegotiating student debt with a discount of up to 99%;  paying off

Fies begins renegotiating student debt with a discount of up to 99%; paying off

São Jose do Rio Preto, September 5, 2022, by Sergio Carrieri – Fies (Education Fund), Debt renegotiation program started on September 1st. Initially, delinquent students will have exclusive platforms at Caixa Econômica and Banco do Brasil. But the application must be submitted by December 31 of that year.

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In this way, the file Superpix notes Comes to give more details about this program which provides some relief to Brazilian students. Especially in times of high unemployment and inflationary pressure. The idea is to serve about 1.2 million students who are on hold on their government contracts.

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How to renegotiate overdue contracts with Fies?

The type of renegotiation will be according to the student’s profile. For example, for those who keep up with the installments and want to repay, they will have a 12% discount. Those who came close to repaying in December 2021, but delayed some installments, the discount can reach 99%, according to an article published on August 1 on the portal. st 1.

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Students who have been suspended for more than a year, and who received emergency assistance in 2021, can also request the discount. However, this student must be listed in CadÚnico of the Federal Government. To confirm the right to benefit, you must also perform a renegotiation simulation on the bank platform where you have the contract.

The contract can be paid in instalments

All renegotiations with the creditor banks, Caixa or Banco do Brasil, will be paid in installments of up to 150 installments and can be repaid by bank slip. However, even with reduced interest and fees, the minimum amount of each installment cannot be less than 200 BRL. In addition, at Banco do Brasil it is possible to renegotiate directly at the bank branch.

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At the same time, the organization launched an exclusive application to handle orders remotely. The interested party should access the debt resolution and renegotiation option with Fies available in the application itself. The student will be able to access all the information about discounts and premiums in a practical and secure manner.

Caixa Ecomica also made the Fies . app available

Like BB, Caixa has made an application available to students who have Fies contracts with the institution. It can even access debts, deductions, the number of installments, and create vouchers for mobile payments. Once the first payment slip is paid, a negotiation takes place between the bank and the student.

The student should pay attention to the possibility of updating the registration in the application before starting the negotiation. In any case, it is great news for those who can save a portion of the income at this time to pay off the contract with Fies. After all, you never know when another opportunity like this will appear.