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FGTS withdrawal period after dismissal: Know the rules

FGTS withdrawal period after dismissal: Know the rules

from o The beginning of the pandemic, there was a significant increase in The unemployment. Thus, many questions arose when dealing with FGTS. One of them is related to FGTS withdrawal period after dismissal. This is what Sunday’s article will be about (20).

FGTS: What exactly is this feature?

a FGTS withdrawal period after dismissal From the doubts that permeated the topic. But first you need to know what is FGTS (Guarantee Fund vs. Service Time). This is a resource created by the federal government, with the aim of providing money reserves while working with the citizen.

However, as mentioned, there is a period to withdraw the amount after its launch. So, before we understand more about this history, let’s understand which citizens deserve this advantage.

Who are the workers who are entitled to benefits?

Everyone working under the CLT (Standardization of Labor Laws) system is entitled to FGTS payments. Moving forward, other citizens can also rely on this feature:

  • rural worker;
  • intermittent factor
  • professional athlete;
  • temporary worker;
  • housekeeper;
  • Free agent;
  • Safreiro, that is, a rural laborer who works only at harvest time.

How is FGTS deposited?

FGTS deposits must be made monthly by the employer. Further, the amounts are equivalent to 8% of the employee’s gross gross salary, without deductions. For those with an apprenticeship contract, this percentage drops to 2%.

Everyone working under the CLT (Standardization of Labor Laws) system is entitled to receive FGTS payments – Photo: Canva Pro

What is the FGTS withdrawal period after dismissal?

Where there are dismissals, the termination must be reported to Caixa through Conectividade Social, a direct electronic channel with the worker. Thus, the organization will generate an identification key that the business owner will use to continue the process.

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With this said, Caixa will have ten business days of notice to notify the worker of this key. Once the citizen is notified, he has 30 working days to withdraw the guarantee fund.

If the amount is not withdrawn, are there consequences?

In cases where the 30-day deadline is missed, a new application must be filed with the company.

Withdrawal rules

The guarantee fund shall be deleted from the account of the dismissed persons in the following cases:

  • dismissal without just cause;
  • companies that have filed for bankruptcy;
  • renounce mutual guilt;
  • dismissal by the employer.

Therefore, the FGTS withdrawal period after dismissal, as it turns out, 30 days after the meta key was generated. However, the worker can file a new application with the company, without the risk of losing his money.

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