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FGTS Withdrawal: CAIXA Pays An Extra 2900 R$ in July! See how you receive

The Federal Savings Bank It issues, in July, a new batch of withdrawals from the Stop Compensation Fund (FGTS). According to the information from the bank, in order to carry out the rescue, it will be necessary to join the Christmas raffle, which is one of the methods recently launched by the government.

Anniversary loot FGTS It is not mandatory, that is, workers receive this method only if they want to. This way, if you do not choose this type of withdrawal, you will still be entitled to opt-out.

However, if you choose the Anniversary Saque, it is necessary to know the rules of each method. paying off!

In pull-out mode FGTSeach worker with a formal contract dismissed without valid reason is entitled to receive fund amounts (full withdrawal and termination fine of 40%, upon maturity).

This withdrawal option is the standard method by which a worker is entitled to enter a discontinuation compensation fund (FGTS).

FGTS Anniversary Withdrawal

Christmas loot FGTSAs mentioned earlier, it is optional. Thus, the worker has the choice of committing to this method or not.

If the worker chooses this option, he is entitled every year, in the month of his birthday, to withdraw part of it FGTS. If released during this stage, the citizen will only be able to withdraw the amount indicating the termination fine and will not be able to withdraw the entire amount from the account.

To receive the birthday withdrawal payment, the worker must register in this way by the last day of their birthday month. For example, those who were born in June, should adhere to this option until the 30th of this month. Those born in July must join by July 31. On the other hand, those born in the previous months will receive the sums in the coming year.

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Which is already registered in the withdrawal method FGTS It may be executed up to the last working day of the second month after obtaining the right of withdrawal. If you were born in July, for example, you can opt out until September 30th.

If the withdrawal is not made by the deadline, it will automatically return to the account at FGTS.

See payment schedule:

birth month | pay between
January January 3 and March 31
February February 1 and April 29
Walk March 2 and May 31
April April 1 and June 30
mayo May 2 and July 29
June June 1 and August 31
July July 1 and September 30
August August 1 and October 31
September September 1 and November 30
October October 3 and December 30
November November 1 and January 31, 2023
Dec 1st of December and 28th of February 2023

Can I surrender?

It is important to note that any worker who chooses to withdraw from the FGTS anniversary may request a return to the standard withdrawal, that is, to the withdrawal of the withdrawal. For this, you only need to use the official application of the guarantee fund.

To carry out the withdrawal, the worker cannot have a pre-contracted operation.

Additionally, it is important to note that a return to standard withdrawal will not occur immediately. According to the law, the change will take effect only from the first day of the twenty-fifth month after the date of the return request.

What is the FGTS withdrawal amount?

According to the table below, the annual withdrawal amount in this method is determined in accordance with the application of a rate, which can be from 5% to 50% of the balance of employees’ FGTS accounts, plus an additional premium.

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For example, if you have R$5,000 in FGTS, you can request 30% of the balance, and receive R$1,500, plus an additional premium of R$150. Thus, the total withdrawal will be R$1650.00.

Values | Withdrawal allowed | extra premium
Up to 500.00 BRL 50% of the balance
Between R$500.01 and R$1,000.00 40% of the balance 50.00 BRL
Between R$1,000.01 and R$5,000.00 30% of the balance 150.00 BRL
Between R$5000.01 and R$10,000.00 20% of the balance 650.00 BRL
Between R$10,000.01 and R$15,000 15% of the balance 1150.00 BRL
Between 15000.01 Brazilian Real and 20000 Brazilian Real 10% of the balance 1,900.00 BRL
Above 20,000.01 BRL 5% of the balance 2900.00 Brazilian Real

Waiting for withdrawal

In this sense, it is important to emphasize that the expectation of Christmas withdrawal is an option in which the worker can apply the loan with qualified financial institutions, using the amount to which he is entitled as collateral.

through FGTS appThe operator can simulate the maximum loan amount that can be contracted with the financial institutions, with the guarantee of FGTS Anniversary Saque.

In order to simulate a loan, you do not need to make the previous option of Saque-Aniversário do FGTS.

See what success is on the Internet: