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FGTS will pay BOLADA to those who comply with the rule through December 31st

Stopover Compensation Fund (FGTS) is a right of all workers who perform their duties under a formal contract, as it is a type of savings account that comp He must deposit the equivalent of 8% of the salary every month. In addition, some have the right to withdraw FGTS winnings!

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Dividend deposits must be made by August of the following year. Therefore, the amount related to the year 2022 will be deposited until August 2023, according to the rules defined by Law No. 13446/2017. This value is the result of the investment he has made Caixa Economica Federal in public sector credit operations.

That is, in cases such as basic health facilities and infrastructure.

The sums accumulated in the fund are loaned to the government, which must return them with the addition of interest and income. In this way, the profit is divided annually among the workers who are entitled to benefit.

Who is entitled to receive FGTS profit?

Generally, funds are allocated to accounts with a balance on the last day of the year, i.e. 31st December. In this case, they are from the previous year premium. The amount is proportional to the total amount stored.

Even if the deposit is made annually, the profit can only be withdrawn by specialists who guarantee this right to withdraw FGTS by law. See some of the situations that allow withdrawal from utility:

  • buy your own home;
  • termination of the contract for a specified period;
  • the retirement
  • dismissal without just cause;
  • employees or dependents with cancer;
  • Christmas withdrawal;
  • An independent worker, hired through a class entity, suspended from work for 90 days or more;
  • termination by decision of the employer;
  • employees over 70 years old;
  • three consecutive years without a formal contract;
  • termination of the employment relationship due to an agreement between the employer and the employee;
  • Natural disasters such as floods, winds and lightning.
  • Complete or partial closure of the contracting company.
  • Repayment of property financed by the housing financial system.
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