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FGTS still allows withdrawals of a thousand Brazilian reals? Check who the right holder and how to consult

To begin with, knowing that FGTS still allows 1,000 BRL withdrawals is good news for many Brazilians, especially given the high food prices. In other words, it’s a little extra to last through a turbulent month, isn’t it?

In short, there are two types of withdrawals available through FGTS: the birthday withdrawal and the extraordinary withdrawal, which we will talk about below. Although both originate from the same chest, they are two different checkout options and, therefore, have unique characteristics.

In the event of an exception, which can only happen once, the beneficiary can withdraw up to R$1,000 according to the sum of the balances of all FGTS accounts.

FGTS still allows withdrawals of a thousand Brazilian reals? / Photo: Marcelo Camargo – Agência Brasil

After all, does the FGTS still allow the withdrawal of a thousand Brazilian reals?

In short, any worker interested in withdrawing this amount from the FGTS can do so until December 15th, so yes! In this sense, the credit occurs automatically in the name of the beneficiary, directly into the Caixa Tem account (the app is available for Android and iOS).

However, the amount of R$1,000 is the maximum, but each citizen can withdraw only what is available in his own account. Therefore, if he only has 600 R$, this is the only amount he can withdraw. In addition, if the funds are not automatically restricted, the interested party must request their release.

It is important to remember that withdrawal is optional, i.e. not mandatory. If you are not interested in withdrawing it, do not make transactions. In this way, the amount will return to FGTS automatically.

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How to check if the value can be withdrawn

In short, there are three simple query options for those who want to know if it is possible to withdraw the amount. The first is through the official FGTS website (https://www.fgts.gov.br/Pages/default.aspx). On the website, the worker will know how the procedure takes place and whether he has the right to withdraw or not.

The second method is to use the FGTS application, which asks for the user’s password and CPF. Even the interested party can still find out how much he can get through the application. Finally, if you are having difficulties accessing information remotely, there is still the possibility to go to the Caixa Econômica Federal branch, including informing you that you are not interested in withdrawing the amount.

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