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Saque aposentadoria FGTS 2022: pagamentos estão liberados?

FGTS retirement withdrawal 2022: Are payments released?

People who can work on a formal contract have many labor rights. This formal form is very important so that the worker can get help at specific times.

One of them is retirement. After completing all necessary years of work, the person has the right to request a waiver of work and is able to continue receiving. In this case, the employee can still request other types of payment.

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FGTS retirement withdrawal

According to data from the National Continuous Sample Household Survey (Pnad Contínua) conducted by the International Statistics Institute at the end of June, about 7 million people were still employed despite being over the age of 60.

Therefore, it is important to emphasize the rights that this part of society has. One relates to the withdrawal available from the FGTS in the event of retirement.

This benefit is the right of every worker. During the months of the official contract, the employer opens a bank account in which he must deposit an amount equal to 8% of the employee’s salary.

However, this total cannot be withdrawn at will. There are some specific cases where a person can request payment. One of them is when a person retires, even when disabled.

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retirement withdrawal request

According to information available from Caixa Econômica Federal, when worker retirement is enabled, the FGTS amount is automatically released. In this way, to request the amount, you only need to follow some simple steps.

The first is to access the FGTS app that can be downloaded on Android: https://bit.ly/3b1DoxB iOS: https://apple.co/31J84tJ. Then just click on the card where there is information on the released amounts.

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Then you need to decide how you want to receive the payment. Among the available options are to withdraw in person in one of the physical channels of the method or even register your own bank account, regardless of the chosen financial institution.

It is also possible to obtain the values ​​directly from the branch of Caixa Econômica Federal. It will also be available in lottery units that are compatible with Caixa Aqui or service rooms.

It is important to know that the amount will be forwarded to the selected channel within 5 days after the order period.

Finally, it is worth noting that pensioners who choose the option to withdraw in person bring: an identity document; CPF or NIS / NIT / PIS / Pasep; Retirement certificate statement of concession among others.

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