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FGTS profit is already in the account of workers;  See how to find values

FGTS profit is already in the account of workers; See how to find values

Caixa Econômica Federal has already made all transfers related to he won From the Employees Termination Compensation Fund (FGTS). More than 88 million workers have received credits in the fund’s accounts. Amounts deposited correspond to R$ 1.86 for every R$ 100.00 of FGTS balance.

How is the query done?

To check the amount received, the worker does not need to go to the Caixa branch. He can refer to the statement through the access channels available on the Caixa website, through Caixa Internet Banking (in this case when he is a bank customer) or by downloading Application from FGTS.

Another way to check your FGTS balance and interest is to order it on the Caixa website, using your NIS and CPF numbers. There is another way to receive the balance and the statement: through the post office every two months. Registration is also done on the Caixa website.

If you are unable to check in to any of the available channels, the employee can call the service channel Caixa provides at: 010726-08001. And in the latter case, if this is not the case, he can go to the Caixa branch.

Thus, a worker who has more than one FGTS account receives the corresponding amount of profit in each of them. When you check the balance, you will notice that the value is listed in each of them. To check accounts deposited amount, simply multiply the FGTS balance as of August 31, 2020 by 0.01863517.

FGTS balance can only be withdrawn at Cases provided for in Law 8036/90Where we do cases:

  • Separation without reason
  • When the worker reaches 70 years old;
  • when you retire
  • when the worker or dependent is seriously ill;
  • the retirement
  • birthday withdrawal (only part of the FGTS is released); And
  • Other cases specified by law.

It is important to remember that the withdrawal birthday is only released when the worker joins the method. Only then will he be able to withdraw the benefit in the month of his birth. But it is indicated that the worker will not be able to withdraw when he joins this method.

Christmas withdrawal selection can be made through the FGTS app, through Caixa online banking, at branches or through Location from the fund. He can also cancel a birthday withdrawal whenever he wants, just by submitting an application.

Caixa also states that the amount deposited into FGTS accounts, such as income distribution, plus interest and cash back statement, won’t merge The basis for calculating the employee termination fine deposit.

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