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FGTS from R$500 to R$1,000 will be for 40 million workers

Care workers! New emergency withdrawal from Separation Compensation Fund (FGTS) will be released soon. The Economy Minister, Paulo Guedes, has confirmed that benefit withdrawals can be released until the end of 2022.

According to Guedes, the new loot of FGTS It will support the population in paying off debts, mainly due to the economic crisis. It is estimated that about 40 million workers receive 500 BRL to 1000 BRL.

New FGTS withdrawal

New withdrawals will be allowed for workers who have a positive balance in FGTS. However, the amounts or when they could be implemented were not specified, but it is expected that it will be possible to withdraw between R$500 to R$1,000.

Expectations are that the new method will be available through a temporary measure (MP) that President Jair Bolsonaro must amend, within 20 days, according to members of the government’s economic team.

The purpose of new withdrawals is to provide access to resources FGTS Until the end of the year as mentioned.

There are many initiatives that we can take until the end of the year that will help the economy grow. We can mobilize resources from FGTS Guedes also said, because they are private chests.

Who will receive and how to consult

New withdrawals will be allowed for workers who have a positive balance in their FGTS accounts, active accounts (current employment) and inactive accounts (previous jobs).

To check if you have a positive balance in FGTSThe worker can access the following channels:

  • The FGTS app is available for Android and iOS;
  • by phone number 0800 7260207;
  • Via the Caixa website (alternative available to bank account holders).
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Find out how to make the query through the app below:

  1. Enter the application and click “Enter the application”;
  2. When the following message “FGTS wants to use Caixa.gov.br to log in” appears; go to “Continue”;
  3. inform CPFand click “I’m not a robot”;
  4. After that select the desired photos and go to “Verify”, then click “Next”;
  5. Enter your password and click “Login”. If you do not remember, click “Recover Password”;
  6. The system will ask you to register a bank account, if you do not want to do this, go to the “Back to the main screen”;
  7. On the main screen, check the information about the companies you have worked for;
  8. The balance of values ​​for the current company or the last company you worked for will be displayed at the top of the screen; it’s a
  9. Click on the first option and check the movements;
  10. To save the information, click “Create Extract in PDF Format” and save it to your cell phone;
  11. To see all the companies I’ve worked for, go to “See all your accounts”;
  12. Finally, you will be notified of your last bank deposit on the main screen, in a gray frame.

It is worth noting that the method is not mandatory, so the operator may or may not choose to receive values FGTS.

See what success is on the Internet: