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Festa do Líder by Fred Decimpidos is the first without a leader

Festa do Líder by Fred Decimpidos is the first without a leader

The Leader Party of Fred Desimpedidos on BBB 23 (Globo) went into the program’s history for one detail: It was the first to take place without the Leader present.

Fred has been sparring the stress test with Domitella in the White Room since Wednesday morning (08) – she pressed the button that took her to dynamism and chose Influencer, Leader of the Week.

Included in Weekly Dynamics from BBB 20 onwards, the Leader’s Party traditionally takes place on a Wednesday during the “normal” period of the game and is canceled at some point in the Final Phase.

In BBB 20, they ended up in the top 10; On the 21st and 22nd, when the program started to have more than one Paredão a week.


The decoration of the event combines the worlds of football and digital communicationand they are two elements that help explain the personality of the influencer.

There is a roulette wheel with soccer-related games and the brothers get into the action to the sound of Skank’s “It’s a soccer game”.

Food contains Japanese menu and alcoholic beverages.

Can Fred still participate in the event?

However, there’s still a chance for Fred: if he wins the feud with Domitella before the party’s over, he’ll make it home just in time to enjoy a little bit of the event that’s been set up for him.

However, if he loses, only Domitilla will return and will remain in the White Room until Thursday’s live broadcast.