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Fernanda inherits from Wanessa the obsession with “Davy's hatred in his eyes.”

Fernanda inherits from Wanessa the obsession with “Davy's hatred in his eyes.”

Photo: X/Big Brother Brasil / Pipoca Moderna

Pastry maker Fernanda Pandey demonstrated this Saturday afternoon (16/3), while punishing the monster “BBB 24”, who inherited her obsession with Davi Brito's appearance from Wanessa Camargo and Yasmin Brunet. “The way he looks is very scary,” the sister said in a conversation with the allies.

Lucas Henrique agreed: “He's trying to intimidate, right.” Fernanda went further: “This appearance is never healthy, it is never something natural. It has never been like this, here I am fine, I saw this person, how wonderful he is… No, it is always…”

“Like 'Get out of there,'” Giovanna Bittle added.

Fernanda added: “Yes, in any situation. If you are passing by and you feel uncomfortable, what is this? What is this aggression?”

Wanessa also complained about David's looks

“There are times when I look at Davey and see him with hatred in his eyes. The way he looks is full of anger,” Wanessa said in the week she was fired for attacking Devi.

It is worth noting that Fernanda supported the campaign to demonize Bahians promoted by the singer. In a conversation specifically about Davey's appearance, the baker made the heaviest line ever said about his brother on the reality show. It was still January, when Wanessa commented on the fight between Isabel Nogueira and bin Laden in the park. The singer said: “I sat here and watched his looks. I didn't even watch the fight, I watched it. And I quietly sipped tea.” “A bit of a sociopath, isn't she?”, said Fernanda Pande, completing the singer's diagnosis.

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