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Felipe Toledo beats Italo to become world surfing champion for the first time

Felipe Toledo beats Italo to become world surfing champion for the first time

Felipe Toledo is the great champion of the 2022 World Surfing Tour. The surfer from Ubatuba (SP) won two consecutive best three races against Brazil’s Italo Ferreira also in the big decision for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Finals, in Trestles, in the United States.

Now, he joins Italo himself among the Brazilian world champions. Brazil have won six titles in the past eight years: Gabriel Medina (2014, 2018, 2021), Adriano de Sousa (2015), Italo (2019) and now Filipino (2022).

The green and yellow party dominated the beach full of Filipino friends and family. In the last seconds of the heat, he began to cry passionately and was soon embraced by Italo, who congratulated him. After that he left the sea and was carried by his fans and received kisses and hugs from his wife and parents.

The second heat of the final began when Toledo ran towards a right full of blows and rips (Note 5.17), while Italo came just behind on the left and tried to make a giant antenna, but didn’t complete the maneuver.

The heat later subsided, and the surfers were slow to catch a new wave. Philip was the one to come out first and scored the best drumming score to date, with a score of 5.67.

Italo responded with 6.33, but Toledo followed with 7.83 and left the player in need of a 7-point higher score 15 minutes after the end of the heat.

In the last minutes, the Brazilians rode the same wave: Felipe to the right, Italo to the left. Paulista scored 8.67 points, compared to Butteguar’s 8.60. End of heat and celebration in Toledo who won 16.50 for 14.93 on aggregate.

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Filipinho reached the WSL Finals and went straight to the big decision of being the world ranking leader. On the other hand, Italo ran a real marathon until the final: he took fourth place in the standings. Or not, The Japanese won Kana Igarashi (fifth in order). Later, Eliminate Australians Ethan Ewing (third) and Jack Robinson (runner-up) before facing Toledo. Dominating the other competitors, the Olympic champion did not find himself at sea against Felipe.

Stephanie Gilmore is the 8th Champion of the Women’s Championship

Photo: Pat Nolan/World Surf Association

In the women’s, the title went to Australian Stephanie Gilmore. She reached the final five in the standings and did the very unlikely: she beat Costa Rica Brisa Hennessy (fourth), Brazil’s Tatiana Weston Webb (third) and France’s Johan Devey (runner-up) until she reached the decision against Hawaiian Karissa Moore. (Leader rank).

Stephanie won 2-0 in the final against Karissa and won her eighth world title. Prior to 2022, the Australian was champion in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2018.