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Felipe Alves shines on Scarpa, Sao Paulo holds Palmeiras at Allianz - 10/16/2022

Felipe Alves shines on Scarpa, Sao Paulo holds Palmeiras at Allianz – 10/16/2022

Palmeiras and Sao Paulo tied 0-0 this afternoon (16), at the Allianz Parque stadium, in a match valid for the 32nd round of Brazil. Verdau had another player throughout the second half after Ferrari was sent off, and two other players during 11 minutes of overtime with Peraldo red card.

As a result, Verdão remained in the lead with 68 points, but rivals could see their ten-point advantage reduced at the start of the round. The tricolor reached 41 points in the middle of the scale.

The duel had the effect of Palmeiras’ attack against São Paulo’s defense. Verdão dominated the match, while Tricolor got his chances on quick counter-attacks. At the end of the first half, defender Ferrari was sent off for aggression and left Sao Paulo with a lower score, which helped intensify the match panorama in the second half.

With another one, Verdau followed and put a lot of pressure on the opponent, but he stopped on a day inspired by Felipe Alves. The Sao Paulo goalkeeper made all kinds of saves, and even saved Gustavo Scarpa’s penalty kick, and scored it with the help of VAR with a touch from Calleri. Not even the red that Peraldo showed at the start of stoppage time was enough for Palmeiras to take the win.

Abel Ferreira team returns to the field next Saturday (22), when it receives Hawaii, in Allianz Park, 9 p.m. Ruggiero Cini’s team will visit Juventud at Alfredo Gaccone, on Sunday (23rd), at 4pm.

Best: Felipe Alves

The goalkeeper of Sao Paulo was invincible in the derby match. He saved with his feet, close up, from afar, on fouls, even taking a penalty from Gustavo Scarpa.

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Worst: Ferrari

The Venezuelan defender was sent off for aggression in a ridiculous move at the end of the first half. He hit Danilo’s steering wheel and got a straight red. Before that, he had already made a passing foul, followed by foul shots that almost resulted in a goal in Palmeiras’ favour.

Palmeiras performance: Mike is back on top

Once again, right back Mikee played as a right winger at Palmeiras. Coach Abel Ferreira has used variations in recent games, with Marcos Rocha completing his signature three-way Portuguese character and firing Bequeries to advance onto the pitch and approach Dodo on the left lane. Verdao was the one who had the ball for most of the match and tried to break through the Sao Paulo defense, which was already sent for the counterattack.

Sao Paulo match: three defenders and a sharp counter-attack

Heading up the squad with a line of three defenders behind him, coach Rogerio Ceni managed to nullify the usual pressure in Palmeiras’ opening 15 minutes inside Allianz. Conversely, who had good chances to open the scoring was Tricolor himself on the counter-attack that failed at the end, on the last pass or on the very advanced ball in the sprint. After Ferraresi was sent off, Ceni put Galoppo in Luciano’s place and made two lines of four, with Calleri in front.

Referee 38 shows yellow for Abel

Referee Flávio Rodrigues de Souza upset both teams in the first half with his style of letting the game go and not directing mistakes that are considered minor. The anger came mainly from the hosts, culminating in another yellow card for Apple Ferrera for the complaint, his 38th since his arrival at Palmeiras. In an expulsion attempt, he showed direct red and into the field, without VAR interference. And the video referee appeared in the second stage to warn against Caleri’s hand touch, which resulted in a penalty kick awarded by Palmeiras. In injury time, Peraldo was directly knocked out as Indrik’s last missing man.

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decisive attempt

Practically in the last step of a balanced first half, defender Nihuel Ferrari threw Rogerio Ceni’s match plan away when he hit Danilo with his elbow before a corner kick. The Venezuelan received a straight red card and left Tricolor with one less during the second stage. Sao Paulo, who had been making a lot of counter-attacks, no longer had chances to close more in defence. Palmeiras couldn’t break through the block, and Tricolor couldn’t counterattack he envisioned for the match.

pink palm trees

Campaign support pink octoberto encourage prevention and breast cancerPalmeiras tampered with the numbers of players and sponsors for the pink stamped jersey. In addition, the players entered the field accompanied by women in action jerseys.

data sheet

Palmeiras 0 x 0 Sao Paulo

Brazilian Championship – Round 32
: 10/16/2022 (Sunday)
time: 16:00 (from Brasilia)
place: Allianz Parque, in São Paulo (SP)
Rule: Flavio Rodriguez de Sousa (SP)
helpers: Alex save Ribeiro (SP) and Daniel Paolo Zeoli (SP)
VAR: Diane Caroline moniz Dos Santos (SP)
yellow: Abel Ferreira, Zee Rafael, Murillo and Prino Lopez (Bal); Wellington, Calleri and Ruggero Ceni (SPO)
red: Ferraresi and Beraldo (SPO)

Palm trees: Weaverton. Marcos Rocha, Gustavo Gomez, Murillo, Péquez; Danilo (Flacco López), Zé Rafael (Gabriel Menino), and Scarpa; Mike (Atoista), Dodo (Briano Lopez) and Merentiel (Indrick). Technical: Abel Ferrara

Sao Paulo: Philip Alves; Ferrari, Miranda (Peraldo) and Luisao; Igor Vinicius, Pablo Maya, Rodrigo Nestor (Marcos Guilherme), Patrick (Igor Gomez) and Rinaldo (Wellington); Luciano (Galupo) and Gallery. Technical: Rogerio Ceni.