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Felipão releases the verb after defeat

Felipão releases the verb after defeat

Coach Luiz Felipe Scolari fired the act after Atletico PR defeat 2-1 against CorinthiansSaturday (8), for the 31st round of Brazil, at the New Coimica Arena.

It was for everyone. Starting with VAR, which was played in the penalty shootout that generated the second goal of Corinthiansbut, according to Filipao, he should have contacted referee Anderson Daronko with the handball of Fausto Vera within the area.

Filippao also criticized “analysts” who question Atletico’s performance from the classification to the final Editors. In its last six matches, the Hurricane has only had one win.

Finally, Filippao criticized the team’s mistakes, acknowledging that he needs to make corrections and adjustments by thinking about the continental final on the 29th against Flamengo. (Check out the press conference highlights below.)


“The first ball that went to the goal, we took the goal, wrong positioning, and we have to correct it anyway. Then we got the penalty kick, which I think was it, like it was on the other side too and they didn’t. Look. My move was a penalty kick. And on the other hand it was also a penalty, only those with VAR come back today, at Corinthians, they were stopped … there is a series of things we have to keep thinking football Brazilian”.


“Our performance does not concern me, it worries the analysts, who are always ready for their analyzes but do not see that our team has the payroll of the 15th Brazilian player, that we have reached the Copa Libertadores final, which is a series of things. Flamengo won by how many matches and how many Points since qualifying?

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Modifications and Corrections

“The performance is good, I have already defined some situations, and they are practically specific. Today’s game has given me more insight into what I want in the game on the 29th, but for that I need to perform in the next matches and that the team I am going to put in, I have complete confidence that this way “And that this system with these players will work. Sometimes it worked, and now something goes wrong in one situation or another in a game, my job is to correct it and I will. I will try to correct some of the deficiencies that we show in some of the moves, if we can correct them we have a good chance.”

‘We were wrong’

“We were wrong in both moves, Corinthians gave us the quality of the first half. The second half was better, we scored, we had chances, but Corinthians acted very well and knew how to win the match.”

end evenly

“If I was only going to watch the first half, I wouldn’t watch the second half, that’s football, and we part of football have to understand that. Better, so we can get to the final on the 29th with the best players who give me confidence, who will face a team Wonderful with many qualities.