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Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology

Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology

In addition to obtaining a degree in the area, candidates are required to have advanced training, specialization, master’s or doctoral degrees.

NS Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Piauí (IFPI), which was revealed in the Official Gazette of the Federation on Thursday (23), correcting the selection process aimed at appointing a substitute teacher for the mathematics course.

According to the document (revision), entries can be made until September 23, 2021 free of charge and online, by email to [email protected] The subject should be “Submitting an Application – Alternative Mathematics Teacher”.

It is up to the professional to attach at the time of registration: a copy of the identity document; A copy of the individual taxpayer registration (CPF); Copies of documents evidencing the required grade for the course/subject for which they are applying, the LATIs syllabus, and the duly filled registration form.

This selection process is aimed at Campo Mayor Campus, where the teacher will be responsible for teaching classes in the field of Mathematics and its Techniques, with a workload of 40 hours per week.

Professionals with a degree in Mathematics can apply; Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics after graduation (improvement, major, master’s or doctorate).

All applicants will be presented with proof of titles and proof of teaching performance, either elimination or qualification.

According to the notice, the Educational Performance Test is expected to take place on October 5, 2021.

This selection process will be valid for one year, starting from the date of publication of the approval of the final result in the Official Gazette of the Federation, and may be extended only once, for an equal period, by an appropriate action of the competent authority.

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For more information, access the full opening notice on our website.