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FC Vanessa Lopez Stops Appearing on TV, Angers Actresses and Shakes Up Comedian

FC Vanessa Lopez Stops Appearing on TV, Angers Actresses and Shakes Up Comedian

Behind this satirical work, there is a huge fan of TV series, and a fan of Brazilian culture. “I am a lifelong supporter of soap operas, because I believe this is the format that best represents Brazilians. I am very excited to follow this adaptation of Vale Tudo.”

I’m also a big fan of Machado de Assis and his ability to deliver social criticism through satire. Well, I think we both realized that, apparently, I’m not very good at this, right? (Laughter). And then I’ll leave the irony to Machado de Assis alone.

In fact, he approves of the possible casting of Fernanda Torres for the role of Odette Roitman. “It’s a great opportunity for her to show the audience that she can act in any kind of production. I’m excited to see her in the role of Odette, if that’s true. Honestly, I hope this episode at least makes people appreciate our artists more and more, she’s one of the greatest actresses we have in the country.”

Currently, he continues to play for Fausto Silva, a private club. “I’m a huge fan of Faustão (actually) and I really like the kind of humor he brings out. I’ve had the account since 2015, but I’ve been using it since 2016. The profile is a tribute to him. Everyone knows I’m a fan of the broadcaster and I hope he gets back to 100% soon.”

But he is determined to leave social media. “I hope people stop attacking Vanessa Lopez and Fernanda Torres, and frankly, study the interpretation of the text and the irony. I’m really amazed at how difficult it is for people to interpret a simple joke.”

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