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Favaro proposes international investment in Brazilian science to John Kerry – Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock

Favaro proposes international investment in Brazilian science to John Kerry – Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock

With the US government’s proposal to invest in the Amazon Biome Preservation Fund, the Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock, Carlos Favaro, on Monday (27) welcomed the US President’s Special Adviser on Climate, John Kerry, to address proposals for cooperation between countries on climate change.

In addition to introducing programs already being developed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAPA) to increase deforestation-free food production while reducing carbon emissions, such as the ABC program in Plano Safra, Favaro suggested that, more investment of resources, which depend on America’s legislation North, the country can contribute to technical cooperation in the field of research so that both can apply the best production practices.

The United States has the largest temperate climate research company and we have the largest tropical climate research company. If we unite, we can, together, find increasingly innovative solutions to increase food production while respecting the environment, ”explained the minister.

The US Special Envoy indicated that he “brutally” agrees with the proposals made by Brazil on the sustainable development of agriculture, as it includes producers in the system by encouraging good practices with special lines of credit, and the US Special Envoy highlighted the importance of the sector’s participation in advancing sustainability .

“The more good practices they do, the more credibility they give to farmers and to the country,” asks John Kerry.

Reducing methane emissions in livestock, using clean energy and renewable fuels, with the technical development of the experiences of Brazil and the United States in ethanol production that have been expanded to other continents and the adoption of practices that encourage the adoption of good practices that guided the meeting.

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The discussion on scientific cooperation for sustainable agricultural development will continue in a new round of talks to be held in the United States, in May this year.

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