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Faustau leaves the Band and his salary may be one of the reasons; Learn the value

Although they are lauded by many Brazilians, especially those who feel nostalgic, some national television shows simply end. This can happen for several reasons: lack of audience, funding and sponsorship or even dissatisfaction with the presenters or some misunderstanding in the broadcaster.

An example of this is the departure of the great and famous Faustau, who left TV Globo after 34 years as a presenter. Then, Rede Bandeirantes soon hired the artist, who became very well known and in demand, in 2021. But it seems that not everything went as planned.

Faustão leaves the band after meeting with the announcer

Photo: Band/Rodrigo Moraes

Last Thursday, UOL’s 18th “Splash” column released the news that Fausto Correa da Silva himself, the famous Fausto, said he was leaving the current station he works for, TV Squad. This announcement comes after only a year and a half of working for the company, for which it was already its first prime contractor.

His program ran in the evenings from Monday to Friday and was called “Faustão na Band”. Unfortunately, for the iconic artist, his show was not well received by the audience, landing between 2 and 3 rating points.

This fact led to dissatisfaction, especially with his debut, which took place on the same day as the premiere of “Big Brother Brasil 2022” by his former company.

reason to leave

After meeting with Band, Fausto Silva received an offer to reduce his salary. Unsatisfied, he decided to quit his show, according to Veja magazine. However, there is still no position on the part of the TV company, as the matter is being kept under wraps.

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To make up for the lack of a presenter, the broadcaster intends to put the son of Fausto João Guilherme Silva and journalist Anne Lottermann in charge of the program until July.

How much does Faustau receive per month?

Surely you must be curious to know how much a TV idol’s salary is. Well, it wasn’t little at all, since his old show “Domingão do Faustão”, he actually earned a huge amount.

According to the magazine, in the current job, the caller received about 3 million Brazilian reais per month look. Too good a discount to piss you off, don’t you think?