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Fault affecting the engine makes SUV repair Fiat, Jeep and Toro already sold - 07/06/2022

Fault affecting the engine makes SUV repair Fiat, Jeep and Toro already sold – 07/06/2022

Fiat and Jeep issued a statement to their dealer network authorizing the replacement of the automobile’s oil pump with the T200 and T270 turbocharged engines, which power the Pulse, Toro, Renegade, Compass and Commander models. Recommendation for vehicles produced between January and April 2022.

Although the part replacement was authorized, Stellantis did not request a recall, since, according to the brand, the defect does not pose a health or safety risk to consumers.

The document issued to Fiat dealers says that the oil pump replacement rate is expected to be only 2%. Pocket dealers are not provided with any estimates.

Since these vehicles have a few months of use, there are still no reports of the effects that an oil pump problem can cause, but the main symptom is the illumination of the engine malfunction spy light on the dashboard. However, according to mechanical engineer André De Maria, the disadvantages of this type reduce the life of the engine.

“There are cars less than 10,000 km with a spy light. The problem is that when it reaches this level, in some cases, engine deterioration really begins. An engine that can last 200,000 km can start to have serious problems with 40,000 km, if Lighting is a bad omen for a big problem to come in the future,” assesses the engineer.

All vehicles can be evaluated

Stellantis confirmed the issuance of technical instructions for authorized workshops to analyze and, if necessary, replace the oil pump for some units produced from January to April 2022 and equipped with turboprops, in case of regret or precaution, in the reviews at the agency. network.

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The brand also guarantees that the problem is not harmful or dangerous, items that, by law, require a recall.

“This action constitutes Stellantis’ commitment to ensuring continuous improvement in the quality of its products and does not pose a risk to the health or safety of consumers,” the brand said in a statement.

Stellants said the group did not explain exactly what the problem was with the part, but did state that “some oil pumps, which have been tracked and identified, may suffer non-standard wear.”

Consumer Protection Law

We consulted an attorney who specializes in the causes of factory defects in cars to understand the brand’s obligations in addressing the problem. Manoel Tadeu Machado de Menezes explains that an investigation will be necessary to understand whether the defect does not endanger the lives of the passengers.

“If a problem leads to a car stalling, for example, it really jeopardizes the safety of the driver and passengers. And when the brand decides to make replacement only in the cars it goes in, it means neglecting others,” said See.

Menezes explains that the argument that the problem does not threaten the safety and health of users will be valid for errors in a multimedia center, for example, and not in a car engine.

“Fiat and Jeep should be responsible for damages that result from part failure. The right thing to do is to inform all consumers of the need to replace the part. The way this is done, time passes, the car is out of warranty and the owner will have to take on the problem in the future,” concludes the attorney.

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