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Fátima Bernardes leaves Globo coverage for Carnival

Fátima Bernardes leaves Globo coverage for Carnival

I asked Fatima Bernardes, and Globo threw the gavel: The presenter will no longer be part of the special coverage of carnival from the announcer. NS UOL He found that the initiative came from the journalist, who believes she has already completed her “cycle” in the party’s specials. However, her responsibility for the 2022 “meet” has been confirmed, and she will return from vacation on January 24.

wanted by UOL To comment on Fatima’s departure from carnival coverage, Globo sent the following note: “We are awaiting confirmation of the event in order to announce the show transmission schedules.”

But Chico Pinheiro, who was also participating in the festivities, but in SP, with Fatima, has already shown that he is a full participant in the 2022 Carnival. He led the “Seleção do Samba” program, which chose sambas-enredo from the Grupo Especial de São Paulo.

In 2021, due to COVID-19 and the absence of rallies from schools in sambaFatima was able to enjoy her days off with her boyfriend Tulio, who argued with her in Recife. At the time, she celebrated the opportunity to not work during this period and said that since joining Globo, she hasn’t had a day off at the carnival.

I’ve always worked at a carnival. Since I joined Globo I’ve only worked when my kids were born, in 2012 when I was getting ready to meet for the first time in June and now in 2021, Fatima wrote in the title of the publication.

Comments of Fatima Bernardes, as well as the choice of her appearance, have spread in recent years. She participated in covering marches in Rio de Janeiro and, directly from the Marques de Sabucay, gave interviews to members of samba schools.

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I visit the school huts to talk with the carnival and some historians, see the cars and see the costume sketches. Next, we receive the materials prepared by Globo, a notebook with information about each school, Fatima in an interview with columnist Patrícia Kogut.

at recent days , Riotur, the municipal company responsible for the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, informed UOL Planning for the event continues for 2022, but it will follow the guidance of public health authorities.

Thursday (25th) Mayor Eduardo Paes (PSD) He told Veja This is, “If he has conditions, he will have [Carnaval]; If you don’t have the conditions, you won’t. I hope it is.”