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Far-right puts up biased posters in French city: ‘Let’s give white children a future’

Far-right puts up biased posters in French city: ‘Let’s give white children a future’

The far-right French party, France, has been spreading xenophobic and racist messages in the Lorraine region. One shows a white boy with blue eyes and a blond hair next to the words “Let’s give white children a future.” Another shows a group of Africans boarding a plane back to the continent. The text reads: “Let them go back to Africa.”

Pierre-Nicolas Nobs, the leader of the French party in Lorraine, claimed responsibility for the posters. He claims the images are “a message of hope for our youth and nothing more.”

The movement comes on the eve of elections to choose a new general assembly, scheduled to be held at the end of next week. The far-right, led by Marine Le Pen, is leading in opinion polls and hopes to win enough seats to elect a new French prime minister.

On X (formerly Twitter), the president of the France party, Thomas Joly, declared that the campaign had been a “success”. “The film ‘Let’s give white children a future’ was a real success and the stock sold out. We decided to make a reprint to meet all the requests. The models will also be available as posters,” he wrote.

According to UOL, following the fallout, the mayor of Neuves-Maisons, where the posters were found, filed a lawsuit for “inciting discrimination and hatred.”

“This is not a political demonstration, it is a sectarian demonstration of demonization and stigmatization,” said Pascal Schneider, the city’s mayor.

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