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Fapeam receives proposals from teachers for the school's science program until April 29 |  Amazon

Fapeam receives proposals from teachers for the school’s science program until April 29 | Amazon

As of April 29, the Amazonas Research Support Foundation (Fapeam) receives proposals from teachers from public schools in Amazonas and municipalities in Manaus interested in participating in the School’s Science Program (PCE).

The program aims to engage teachers and students in scientific research and technological innovation projects. The investment will amount to R $ 3.3 million to support up to 600 projects, With an offer of 2,400 scholarships distributed to students (150 R $) and teachers (560 R $) for basic education in the capital and the interior.

Each proposal includes a scholarship in the school’s science professor method for a period of six months, and up to three scholarships in the science-technology start-up method for beginners for a period of five months.

Notice 2021/004 can be reached through the email address http://www.fapeam.am.gov.br/editais/edital-no-0042021-programa-ciencia-na-escola-pce/.

To participate in the program, teachers must submit proposals in a specific online form via Fapeam’s Information Management System (SigFapeam), available at: www.fapeam.am.gov.br.

To access the form, the applicant must use his pre-registered login and password. New users must register with Fapeam Research Bank.

In addition to submitting the form online, the proposal submission requires additional documentation to be attached to SigFapeam, as specified in the notice.

Science program in school

PCE was developed by Fapeam, in partnership with the State Department of Education and Sports (Seduc) and the Municipal Education Department (Semed).

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