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Fans notice bruises on the Queen's hands in a photo with the new Prime Minister - Metro World News Brasil

Fans notice bruises on the Queen’s hands in a photo with the new Prime Minister – Metro World News Brasil

Last Tuesday, October 6, Queen Elizabeth II welcomed the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Liz Truss, at Balmoral Castle. In photos released by Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s official office, Elizabeth II showed she was in a good mood. But the unusual details caught the attention of royal fans.

The King of the United Kingdom welcomed the new Prime Minister, who replaced Boris Johnson, into the Drawing Room, a cozy room in Balmoral Castle, decorated with green sofas and floral vases.

But to the left of the queen is a round wooden coffee table on which a large lamp is placed. Also on the table was a small white box – soon recognized by the royal watchers.

The box looks like a small remote control and looks like a portable wireless doorbell that the Queen can take with her around the house to call for help.

Balmoral Castle has 52 rooms and a large number of reception rooms, including the living room, so it is not surprising that the 96-year-old Queen resorts to this small tech gadget to contact people from her staff.

But there is another detail that caught the attention of royal fans: bruises on the king’s hands. Some have suggested, on social media, that it could be bruising related to intravenous medication. But nothing has been officially confirmed.

In addition, in the same photograph, it is possible to see, to the right of the fireplace, a painting of Queen Victoria, and her loyal companion, John Brown.

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The Queen is in Balmoral, her residence where year after year she spends her summer vacation. The venue is where the royals meet for a few weeks in August and September.