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Fans Blow Up Chris Pratt’s Super Mario Bros. Song And Praise Brazilian Voice Actors

Photo: Albert El Ortega/Getty Images, Nintendo

It’s me Mario! The trailer for the movie Super Mario Bros. Last Thursday, the sixth, causing an uproar on the Internet.

The thing is, not all comments were positive. On the contrary, a number of Internet users have complained about the original English dubbing of the character Mario, performed by Chris Pratt.

The greater object of criticism was the tone, or more accurately, the lack of it. Due to his Italian origin, many Mario fans expected the movie to bring this great nationality in the lines, which it didn’t.

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In turn, those responsible for the film in Brazil made sure to put the character’s Italian roots into the dubbing. Rafael Rosato, famous for playing the voice of Pratt in many films in the country, brought exactly what fans wanted right from the start.

A user from the US went viral on the internet when he posted the trailer with Brazilian dubbing, praising the Italian dialect in Rosato’s lines.

Oh my, they gave Mario an all-Italian accent in the Brazilian dubbing! Very good!, fan hung.

Brazilians filled social networks with comments about national dubbing, saying that it is better than American. The film premiered on March 30, 2023 in Brazil, and was released on April 7 for the United States and April 28 for Japan.

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