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Falling prices for generating UK wave energy encourage investors

Falling prices for generating UK wave energy encourage investors

For decades, the United Kingdom has faced great difficulties in harnessing the powerful waves off its coast, due to the high costs of installing turbines directly on the seabed and the waiting times for obtaining permits for this process. however, According to a report by the Coastal Offshore Catapult Research Center, the cost of generating energy from tidal currents has fallen by 40% since 2018, attracting many private investors.🇧🇷

The author of the document, Simon Cheesman believes that tidal energy is a “selling point”., precisely investors “want” to increase the implementation of this type of energy. However, he warns of the need to carefully “feed” the onshore wind to ensure it follows its successful path.

Orbital Marine has secured the necessary funding to install three turbines next year. According to the company, each of these sites can generate enough energy to power 2000 homes and create about 100 jobs. The company’s chief executive assures that this is the first time he has seen a “real hypothesis” of tidal energy working commercially.

In northern Scotland, Simec Atlantis Energy plans to install 56 offshore wind turbines by 2027.Ensuring enough energy for 68,000 homes.

Companies betting on this type of energy production say they are constantly refining their plans. Simon Cheesman says it used to take two days to install the devices, but now it only takes two hours.

The report also presents an analysis of Wave energy plays an important role in decarbonization Energy system of the country. “Onshore wind and solar power are intermittent. But we know exactly when the waves are coming in and going out.”Simon Cheeseman says.

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The Orbital Marine and Simec Atlantis projects are expected to provide an almost five-fold increase in British tidal power generation by 2027, from 10.4 MW to 51.2 MW.

“This is undoubtedly a very important period. We have proven technologies that are commercially ready and have growing export markets. If the government fails to fulfill its pledge now, it will lose this incredible opportunity. The UK needs to become a world leader in wave energy,” says Andrew Scott, CEO of Orbital Marine.