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# Fake that city halls and doctors who diagnose cases of Covid-19 or witness deaths due to illness receive extra money for each patient |  Corona Virus

# Fake that city halls and doctors who diagnose cases of Covid-19 or witness deaths due to illness receive extra money for each patient | Corona Virus

A video clip circulated on social media in which a man said, “For every diagnosis in Covid, the city pays 8,000 Rials from the federal government and 1,000 Rials to the doctor who gives the diagnosis.” For each death, he says, the city receives 18,000 Rials. Fake.

In the video, the man says he heard a tip from a friend that the doctor gave him a certificate for 14 days. “What he said to me is: Here in the city we live in, for every diagnosis of Covid, the city hall pays 8,000 Rials, 1,000 Rials to the doctor who gives the diagnosis. And for every death, and usually death, and by that same doctor, the city receives 18 thousand Brazilian Real. ”

The Ministry of Health stated that “the distribution of financial resources allocated to confront Covid-19 is subject to a series of criteria, not to record deaths or to a case diagnosed by the state or municipality.”

Also according to the ministry, transportation requirements take into account, among other factors, population scale, medium and high complexity production values ​​recorded in SUS outpatient and hospital information system by entities, in addition to the number of ICUs registered.

Resources can be used by state health departments and municipalities to fund services, purchase essential supplies to run health centers and hospitals, for example, as well as provide equipment and human resources.

According to her, there were rumors that people who died of other illnesses were proven to have been killed by Covid. The goal, he says, is to wring credibility out of the pandemic’s records and frightening numbers. “Now we have this other form of fake news, linking the diagnosis to the group, with an ultimate bonus.”

Bahia explains that this theory, like the others, is totally unfounded. “This is not true at all. There is no health system in the world that pays the price for a diagnosis of Covid. This is not the case. We have many forms of rewards, in the SUS system and in the private sector, but there are none of them that depend on the diagnosis. In the public system we have doctors They are hired by different work systems, and none of them gets more or less according to the diagnosis, and they can receive more or less according to the number of working hours.Working hours.Not in the private sector As for what happens in the private sector is that the doctor can get a number of consultations for days Hypnosis, but it is never diagnostic. ”

“It is incorrect and dangerous, because it always goes back to the key that we do not have this number of patients with Covid in Brazil and the rate of disease transmission is not high. But unfortunately we are in the stage of the outbreak of the epidemic. It is a terrible April for the people of Brazil, which is what worries the world. Brazil today has become a concern for other countries on the planet due to the high incidence curve. This is a fact. There is always an attempt to hide the truth. Presenting new false news so that the population does not understand this fact well.

Fake messages with similar content have been circulating previously Verified by Fact or Fake. In May 2020, the Ministry of Health confirmed that it was not “transferring money to the death registry.”

It’s #Fake That Halls And Doctors Who Testify The Death Of Covid-19 Receive Extra Cash For Each Death – Photo: Childbearing

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