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Fade Pereira explains the Corinthians reserve team: 'It was a game of risk'

Fade Pereira explains the Corinthians reserve team: ‘It was a game of risk’

Coach Vitor Pereira admitted he took advantage of the opportunity The match against Portuguesa, from Rio de Janeiro, on Wednesday evening, at the café, in Londrina, to manage the group and take some risks. From the leader’s point of view, the most important thing was to survive the first 90 minutes in this vein. Check out the interview in the video above.

“We have to understand that, in this World Cup, we want to be alive. We will have the game at home, with a better garden, and I think we will play a good game and get back the result”, commented the coach, analyzing the match completely conditional due to the first goal in the opening minute.

“We have to necessarily manage the group. The first goal of the opponent today was the one who affected the game. These teams, when they score, stay organized. We had chances to score, we didn’t. We started playing in a hurry. Tough grass too, the ball bounces a lot. The last pass and the definition are missing,” he noted.

Pereira cemented the debut of three players in the main team, including young Robert Renan and Wesley, from the youth categories, in addition to giving more playing minutes to Xavier, Rooney, Mantouan and reinforcements Rafael Ramos and Bruno Milo.

“These players need to grow and today it was a game of risk. Of course, the dynamics are changing, but confidence has to come. Confidence has to start showing up when you select. We have to try to manage the competitions, but we know that, today, had we not succeeded, we would have been in danger in the next match against Palmeiras, and maybe against Boca as well.‘, note.

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The captain explained that he saw anxiety taking over the team, mainly due to the need to run after the score immediately. Something natural in the assessment of the coach himself.

“A little bit of a worry, for me. It’s ‘I have a chance and I want to take this chance’ and I want to do it all. I want to kick, with my right foot, with my left foot and neither hasn’t hit the ball well.” Sometimes simple submissions are just touching, not hitting. I said: You want to kill the goalkeeper, right?You want to kill the opposing goalkeeper by hitting the ball too hard. You must hit the ball well, sometimes slowly, but you must pass the goal. Today we had some missed chances or one last pass instead of coming from the front it went from the back. In other words, I do the machete and in the race the pass is back. Either I’m on the second post and cross on the first, or I just have to touch the ball and I hit it hard and it’s out. I think it’s a little bit due to the lack of playing time and this concern they have to show. We do our daily work and it’s always one click and two clicks away. Now and then I allow to avoid the freedom of touches, because our game is a delicate game, with combinations, with touches. We, today, because of this anxiety, because we want to win the game, we run with the ball, we run with the ball and we have an unprepared game left.. It’s not our game, it’s not what we’re training for. We wanted the game to be more responsive and to play it differently. But because of this anxiety of wanting to show it all, the game was like that,” it was analyzed, before concluding.

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“It’s also the will of the opposing team, it’s also the quality of the opposing team, despite the division they are in, but they have some outstanding players, who create problems and create problems. It’s also because I get it wrong so much, I have to take that risk and it’s all of these factors together.” It’s a cup match, in a cup match anything can happen,” he said.

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