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Facebook sends a team to the data center to restart the system

Facebook sends a team to the data center to restart the system

before The severity of the general collapse that affected the platforms Facebook social networking siteand Instagram and The WhatsApp, a team of employees has been sent to the company’s data center in Santa Clara, California, to attempt to manually reset the servers system. And the New York Times published this information, and said that it had received an internal memo for the conglomerate from an unknown source.

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram started going offline globally around noon (Brazilia). No one can send messages on WhatsApp or upload new posts on Instagram and Facebook.

Around 7 PM, Instagram and Facebook started showing signs of life. WhatsApp threatened to return. However, the connection was oscillating for about an hour after that. The messaging service appears to be working now.

The failure did not include hacking

According to the American newspaper, Facebook experts are still trying to discover the cause of the instability in the applications. On condition of anonymity, two officials told the New York Times that it was unlikely the “blackout” was the result of a cyberattack, as hacker It will not be able to affect applications globally.

The same employees even told the newspaper that even the internal network used among the company’s employees was not working, paralyzing several sectors of the tech giant. They had to use the company’s competitor apps like LinkedIn and Zoom to maintain communication.

Through its official Twitter account, Facebook – which also owns WhatsApp and Instagram – confirmed the problem worldwide, but did not give details about the flaw.

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“We understand that some people are having issues accessing our apps and products. We are working to get back to normal as soon as possible and apologize for any inconvenience,” the company said.

Android and iOS apps and browser-accessible websites have been blacked out cell phone And on the computer. Anyone who has tried to access WhatsApp Web or Facebook and Instagram through the browser will find the page screen at the bottom.

The failures in Facebook’s services are not unprecedented: this year alone, apps experienced instability at least three times, in March, June and September. In general, the social networks Backup and uptime in less than two hours. In Monday’s blackout, there were nearly seven hours of no return, which is not uncommon.

In his Twitter profile, Dane Knecht, vice president of server company Cloudflare, said Facebook’s global meltdown has something to do with the DNS and that the company’s “BGP paths” have been “removed from the Internet.”

*With information from Lucas Carvalho, from Tilt, in São Paulo.