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Facebook and the International Paralympic Committee have launched a global film series to highlight 15% of the world's population with disabilities

Facebook and the International Paralympic Committee have launched a global film series to highlight 15% of the world’s population with disabilities

In support of #WeThe15, the global human rights movement launched to represent 1.2 billion people with disabilities worldwide, Facebook has worked with the International Paralympic Committee to release a series of films that explore how sport has made positive change for four communities of people with disabilities around the world. . Globalism.

The four-part series features communities from the UK, US, New Zealand and Brazil, reflecting how Facebook allows communities to grow and meet online and thus the real-world impact on the offline community.

One episode features The Derby Wheelblazers, a competitive wheelchair basketball team from the United Kingdom. The group plays an important role in the local community, welcoming people of all abilities, including non-disabled players. Through the set we met Joe Hensley, who suffers from spina bifida. Joe highlights the transformative role that sport can play, as it helps him grow from a shy kid into a confident player and assistant coach, helping with exercises, demos, and outreach to the community. In the movie, he talks about the challenge of recruiting new players and how Facebook helps his group overcome it and come together as a community.

To watch the video, click Here.

Other groups featured as part of the series include Sport adapted from the Frontball Association, the Sao Paulo community soccer team for players with disabilities, with a focus on amputees, and Te Arawa Swimming Club, a comprehensive community-run club in Rotorua that believes swimming should be within everyone’s reach, and Browse for the whole community from New YorkAnd A non-profit organization for people from all walks of life to experience the joy of surfing.

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The video series is produced by Facebook, in collaboration with IPC, and in support of the #WeThe15 campaign, which aspires to be the largest human rights movement in history to end discrimination against people with disabilities, who represent 15% of the world’s population. . .

The IPC and the International Disability Alliance bring together the largest coalition of international organizations from the worlds of sport, human rights, politics, business, culture and entertainment to start change. The decade-long campaign will put disability at the center of the inclusion agenda, along with race, gender and sexual orientation.

Craig Spence, Director of Communications and Brands, IPC said: “We believe change begins with sport. IPC wants to end discrimination against 15% of the world’s people with disabilities and make them active, visible and contributing members of a global community. Through the WeThe15 campaign, we hope to show that strong sport can change attitudes, improve accessibility and increase opportunities for people with disabilities around the world. This series of videos using Facebook shows the role technology and sports can play in helping people bring people together.”

Peter Hutton, Director of Sports Associations at Facebook, said: As a global community, we must come together to support marginalized communities such as the 15% of people with disabilities worldwide. That’s why we support the #WeThe15 movement with this film series. The series shows how Facebook plays an important role in how online communities grow and unite, and the real-world impact it can have offline. “