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'Face and Courage': Pat takes drastic action on Moa |  Come to me around - come

‘Face and Courage’: Pat takes drastic action on Moa | Come to me around – come

Remember the acrobatic man’s kiss on the actress

Andrea apologizes and Pat agrees to work on the ad

Shaken, she gives up being the sexy double of the singer, takes the knot from the director and leaves.

In Cara e Coragem, Pat (Paola Oliveira) is renouncing her double role for Andrea Pratini (Maria Eduarda de Carvalho) – Photo: TV Globo

Outside the studio, Pat cries in pain and takes a radical stance: he rips the contract and quits the job. All because of Moa’s jealousy, his secret love.

He’s coming home badly, and rare (Stella Maria RodriguezShe realizes her daughter’s grief.

In Cara e Coragem, Nader (Stella Maria Rodriguez) realizes the grief of her daughter Pat (Paola Oliveira) – Image: TV Globo

In an attempt to hide it, the acrobatic woman presents clues that she is suffering for love.

“Have you ever felt something you shouldn’t feel? You know you can’t feel it, you don’t have the right to feel it, but even so, that feeling explodes in your chest and hurts?!” She tells her mother to understand.

In Cara e Coragem, Pat (Paula Oliveira) draws on the understanding of her mother Nader (Stella Maria Rodriguez) – Image: TV Globo

“Always wanting to solve your problems on your own. But, that’s not always possible, my daughter. You know I’ll always be here to listen if you want to talk.”

Scenes will be broadcast in class on Monday, 6/27, from face and courage.

27 June


Samuel told Angelou that he saw Clarice in the street and the fisherman went to meet his brother. Pat returns home heartbroken and consoles Nader after being released as a double actor by Andrea. Leonardo asks Danilo to postpone the meeting with the Koreans. Moa sees Andréa’s photo session. Samuel quarrels with Angelo on the street, and Paulo asks the fishermen what the conflict is. Marcela reviews Clarice’s case. Rebecca complains to her lawyer about the date of Chiquino’s custody hearing. Moa receives the subpoena for the hearing and attends. Samuel follows Anita down the street and ends up running over Tika, who was driving with Gustavo in the passenger seat. Anita watches the scene from afar.

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