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Extinction Rebellion protesters enter the UK House of Commons

Destruction Rebels in the House of Commons

LONDON (Reuters) – Supporters of the Endangered Rebels movement have stormed into the UK House of Commons debate chamber and surrounded the president’s chair, the group said on its Twitter account on Friday.

They posted a photo of five people inside the chamber holding placards reading “Let the people decide” and “Citizens’ assembly now”.

The group also hung a large banner with the same words on the building.

Parliament is not currently in session.

The House of Commons said it was dealing with an “incident”. Parts of the Parliament complex are generally open to the public, although access to the debating chamber is usually limited to guided tours.

Extinction Rebellion, the group that caused traffic chaos in central London for days, continues to protest climate change issues.

“We are in crisis. We cannot go on like this,” he said.

(Reporting by William James)

((São Paulo Newsroom translation)



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