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Extinct "killer" spider found on Australian island |  Globalism

Extinct “killer” spider found on Australian island | Globalism

South Australian Museum

Killer spider found on an island in Australia

Two samples of the so-called “killer spider”, and Zephyrarchia Austiny
, on Kangaroo Island, Australia. Spiders of this type were considered extinct due to the forest fires that occurred in the country between 2019 and 2020.

This species is considered a dangerous and skillful predator, having existed more than 140 million years ago. Experts have identified two spiders, a juvenile and a female, in the northwest part of the island, an area unaffected by the fire – a different area from its only habitat.

According to Jessica Marsh, a researcher at the South Australian Museum, this is a promising discovery. “We’ve been looking for spiders since the fires started, so it was a great feeling to finally find them,” he said. News Letters.

“These spiders don’t scatter much, so it’s unlikely that they moved there before the fires started.”

The species is distinguished by its fragile habitats: hanging leaves (like a litter) at knee height in low vegetation near the eucalyptus. “It’s a very flammable place, even in low-intensity fires,” the researcher explains.

In addition to Zephyrarchaea austini, other species of deadly spiders live in the forests of Madagascar and South Africa.

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