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Explosion heard in Ukraine capital - Observer

Explosion heard in Ukraine capital – Observer

“Nuclear Option” in the Fund. Sources tell Reuters that they do not expect the EU to cut off Russia’s access to the SWIFT for now.

European union Russia should not lose access to SWIFT, At least for now, the sources tell Reuters. The move should not be part of the EU’s set of additional sanctions to be issued this afternoon – it would be a “nuclear option”, the same source said.

“Urgency and consensus should be the top priorities at this time,” the source said, adding that the decision could have repercussions for the European financial system.

We know that blocking Russia from the SWIFT is a ‘nuclear option’.”, Added the same source, adding that some European leaders still do not want to play this card.

The chairman of the Financial Stability Board warned last weekend that the West should “think twice” before imposing tough sanctions on Russia, a form of financial domination created by the G20.

Glasnot, quoted by the Financial Times, stressed that Russia’s ban on SWIFT, the “heart” of global payments, would “severely hamper payments – we should always think twice and be careful.” Of effects “.

Preventing Russian companies and banks from accessing the SWIFT (Global Bank Telecommunications Telecommunication Community) is one of the potential barriers adopted by the United States. Glasnot, who is also the governor and member of the governing body of the Central Bank of the Netherlands, warned: “This could obviously lead to some financial changes, and I challenge policymakers to take these changes into account.

Conflicts in Ukraine 6 shocks to the economy

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