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Examples of vm from USA and UK – Comment

The progress of the vaccine against COVID-19 over the past few months has dropped disease statistics in many countries, confirming the effectiveness of immunizations. This is what happened in the United States and the United Kingdom – to name a few who have made great strides in the use of scales.

In the United States, when the vaccine was launched late last year, the country recorded more than 250,000 victims and 3,000 deaths a day. In early July, with half of the population immunized, the number dropped to 20,000 cases and about 300 deaths a day. Disease curves showed similar behaviors in the UK. As the vaccine progresses, the number of cases decreases significantly.

But in these and other countries there is a big cloud in the air, and in Brazil it is important that health officials are very careful about what is going on there so that mistakes do not happen again.

What is noteworthy in these two examples is the spread of the disease in recent weeks, even though the vast majority of the population has been vaccinated. The UK, which reduced its number to 2,000 Govt-19 cases a day in May, has returned to provide alarming data. By the middle of this month, it had affected an average of 40,000 people daily.

Apparently, the acceleration of the disease is related to the presence of delta variability, which is exacerbated by the relaxation of health measures, i.e. the use of masks and social isolation. Remember the football matches that took place in recent weeks, which filled the stadiums and streets in London.

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In the United States, there are adequate immunizations for all citizens, and the increase in cases is a cause for concern. In the last 30 days, the average has risen from 11 thousand new cases to 40 thousand. White House medical adviser Anthony Fucci said on Sunday that health officials were reconsidering whether vaccinated people should wear masks – which ended in May.

What is happening in the United States and the United Kingdom leaves two lessons for Brazil and for countries that have not yet fully vaccinated half their population. First, it has been established that immunization is necessary to control the progression of COVID-19. Second, it has now proven that maintaining health care measures is just as important as obtaining the level of immune agents. If we do not learn from them, we run the risk of postponing the end of the epidemic and returning to normal life.