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Everything we know about the funeral

Everything we know about the funeral

Tomorrow the end general awakening Queen Elizabeth II and political leaders gather in London for the King’s funeral.

A funeral service will take place: one at 7:00 a.m. Brasilia time, for about 2,000 guests, and the other at noon for 800 guests. See everything we know about the event.

When is the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II?

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral for heads of state will take place tomorrow at 11am local time, 7am Brasilia time. Another, more restricted party, will take place at 4pm in London, noon in Brasilia.

Who was invited to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral?

At the first party, there are about 2,000 guests. In addition to the British royal family, the heads of state that joined it United kingdom Establishes diplomatic relations – including President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) – and members of other European royal families and civil servants.

Representatives from Syria, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Russia, Belarus and Myanmar were not invited to the funeral. North Korea and Nicaragua are invited, but they will only be able to send ambassadors, not heads of state.

The second funeral will have only 800 guests: the royal family, representatives of Commonwealth countries and the Queen’s staff.

How will the funeral with heads of state?

The first ceremony will take place in Westminster Abbey, in the same building where the body is laid to rest. Doors will open for guests at 8:00 AM local time, 4:00 AM Brasilia time.

The Queen’s coffin will leave Westminster at 10:44 a.m. (6:44 a.m. ET) in the Royal Navy chariot, accompanied by 142 sailors. The last time the carriage was used was in 1979, at the funeral of Lord Mountbatten, Prince Philip’s uncle.

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At 11 am, the body will arrive at Westminster Abbey. There Elizabeth II married Philip in 1947 and was crowned queen in 1953.

During the Prime Minister’s ceremony Les Truss He must give a speech, and the event will end at 16:00 GMT with two minutes of silence in honor of the King.

Where will the second funeral be?

The second funeral will be held in St. George’s ChurchAt Windsor Castle. After the funeral at Westminster Abbey, the coffin will be transported to Wellington Arch in a 45-minute procession led by the Canadian Mounted Police.

The procession will also include representatives from the armed forces of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries, the police and the National Health Service.

The coffin will be carried in the heart of Wellington Arch to Windsor Castle, from where another procession will depart towards the Chapel of Saint George. There, the Queen’s second funeral and burial will take place.

How will the second funeral be?

The second ceremony will mark the end of Elizabeth II’s reign. The imperial crown, sceptre, and orb will be removed from the top of the coffin by the royal jeweler.

Mass will be celebrated, at 16:45 in London (12:45 in Brasilia), the Queen She will be buried next to her husband, PhilipHis parents and his sister.

How do you track Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral?

From Brazil, it will be possible to watch the funeral live through the online broadcast of ITV and gives BBC. Both are free, but require the user to create an account.

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