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“Everything is discussed”; Glória Groove reveals her agreement with the “husband” to enjoy the carnival and comment on the argument with the trio

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Gloria Grove moved the crowds at this year’s Carnival

© Instagram / @gloriagrooveGloria Groff has been married for eight years to artist Pedro Luiz

Gloria Grove It is one of the leading names in carnival this year. The singer is confirmed in trios and has moved crowds in all four corners of the country. In an interview with a columnist Felipe Reesefrom Observatorio dos Famosos, voice red She talked about the agreements she made with her husband to enjoy the celebration.

In the conversation, the drag queen made it clear that she has good communication with her partner and said it nicely a dialogueAnything can be useful to celebrate. at the end of the interview, groove He also commented on the cancellation of the trio, which had to be canceled two hours before the scheduled date.

Gloria Grove was performing at the 2023 Carnival Trio (reprise / Instagram / @gloriagroove)

“Ah, we have to make our good deals, right? Everything that gets discussed becomes so much easier,” he said. “Let’s live the carnival, Brazil, let’s live and feel more!”Gloria Grove announced. It should be noted that Gloria has been married to the ceramist and artist Pedro Luiz for eight years, and both of them have a conservative attitude regarding their relationship.

The final moments were stressful to stop Displays. It was between a cross and a sword. I was crying and shaking, and Valeska I said I can’t carry this weight on my shoulders. I feel it was the right thing to stophe declared.

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