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Even with unopened accounts, PL will not pay Bolsonaro salary in the US – in politics

Former President’s Party Accounts Jair Bolsonarooh PL, opened last week. Even so, the acronym leader, Waldemar Costa NetoHe does not want to change his mind about paying the former president: he will only start receiving it when he returns to Brazil.

The bill promises that Bolsonaro will be paid the same as government ministers. stf – R$ 41,650.92 today. The condition is that the former president returns to Brazil. Bolsonaro is there America And although he has already said he will return in March, he has promised to participate in a conservative event in the next few days. Washington.

Last week, he complained about the R$33,000 salary he receives from the government. “Give me $6,000. Is it worth it?” said.

Continues after commercial

This Sunday (26) his son Eduardo launched a virtual store to sell items related to his father, “Our dream is more alive than ever”, selling calendars, mugs and figurines.

The leader of the PL, Waldemar Costa Neto, was unmoved. Michel BolsonaroReturned at the end of January and worked in PL in February, should receive the first salary of the abbreviation PL Mulher commands on the following 5th.

His salary will be equivalent to the current federal representative’s salary of R$ 39,293.32. However, the salaries of representatives will be revised from April and will be at par with STF ministers.

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