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Even with the leaked data, is it safe to continue using?

Even with the leaked data, is it safe to continue using?

where Create a PixIn November 2020, the central bank reported three episodes of user data leakage. Despite this, BC ensures that the technology is safe. But if you’re more afraid, learn how to protect yourself.

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According to the Central Bank, all cases of data leakage resulted from security breaches of financial institutions. i.e. the banks through which the transactions were made.

PIX data leak

The central bank ensures that the leaks were not caused by failures in the PIX, which remains a safe tool. Thus, information leakage occurs for a number of reasons. For example, when PIX users click on unsafe links. Or even intrusions into the databases of banking institutions.

On each leak, the information shared is the username, the PIX key, the CPF number, the banking institution, as well as the account number. In other words, the central bank guarantees that this information belongs to the database only, without any risk of transferring users’ funds.

For the peace of mind of PIX users, the central bank sends notifications if these people’s data is leaked.

This information is only shared through the bank application where the person has the PIX key. So be careful not to fall for scams. BC does not send SMS, email or WhatsApp messages to communicate with users.

The greatest care with data leakage is not to fall for scams. Because criminals exploit personal information to impersonate employees of other organizations, such as the bank itself. Therefore, there is a lot of interest in any communication via phone, social networks or email.

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Another alert from the central bank when paying bills. Due to the presence of user data, criminals can create fake documents, using barcodes and QR codes and send fake invoices.